The Next-Gen Business Continuity Solution

KeepItSafeKeepItSafe Online Backup combines state-of-the-art technology with the best customer service in the business, assuring you of the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to back up your critical business data.

Our Gartner Magic Quadrant backup solution is tailord to the demands of your business. Then our innovative server infrastructure ensures that your data is safeguarded across multiple offsite data centres – with each backup fully managed and monitored 24/7 – to enable full data-recovery within seconds.

Great technology, uncompromising security, and the best tech support in the business. That's the KeepItSafe way.

Small-Business Data Backup

KeepItSafe's cloud-based backup solution eliminates the need for tape backup, and frees your IT resources from the maintenance and management hassles that come with it, bringing you the peace of mind necessary to focus on what you do best – build revenue.

Whether you are a small-business owner or a medium-size-business entrepreneur, KeepItSafe is the secure, simple, and efficient way to back up your laptops, PCs, and servers.

Corporate Enterprise Data Backup

Just because you're an enterprise business with enterprise-level resources doesn't mean you want to spend the best part of each day dealing with IT headaches.

KeepItSafe is one of the few companies in the world with ISO 27001 certification, meaning you can be confident that we have your back, ready to securely control and manage your critical data backups around the clock so that you never lose another file again.

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